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Eumer’s SpinTube Disco

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Eumer’s SpinTube Disco, Designed for pike and predator fishing, it is a weighted fly that can be cast with a regular spinning or baitcasting rod.


Eumer’s SpinTube Disco, Designed for pike and predator fishing, it is a weighted fly that can be cast with a regular spinning or baitcasting rod. It is made of synthetic glitter material to imitate baitfish and minnows. Available in 4 colours and two sinking rates. The slow-sinker can be fished in shallow water with a slow swimming action, while the fast sinking model can be used in deeper water with a quicker action. It comes with predator wire and a large 6/0 predator hook. The single hook makes it almost weedless and is easy to remove from the mouth of the fish. Lead-free, using a brass weight, it measures 30 cm. -Slow Sinking 35 Gram- -Fast Sinking 55 Gram-

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