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WiggleFin ActionDiscs

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WiggleFin ActionDiscs
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WiggleFin ActionDiscs USA,

Available in three sizes,

Size one is great for all fly fishers, easy to cast and will push a lot of water in front of your streamer.

Size 2 and 3 are bigger discs and great for trolling and castin big baits and shads, the will come alive under water!

Why is random better?

The random action and vibration produced by ActionDiscs tap into an instinct shared by all predators. The instinct that allows Wolves to select a single Caribou from a herd of thousands, or causes Lions to chase their prey at a slow lope...they are looking for that one animal that moves differently...the stumbling gate of the wounded, sick, weak or young.


The principal of chaos...

ActionDiscs do not produce the same rhythmic mechanical action as "crankbait lip" devices or spinner blades. 

As the bait is drawn through the water, pressure builds on the cupped front surface of the disc. When the pressure reaches a point of instability the disc turns to release it. This is where chaos enters in. Because the ActionDisc is perfectly symmetrical, the direction the disc tilts to dump the pressure is completely up to chance. It can go up, down, left, right or any degree from its center axis. 

Once the disc decides which direction it will tilt, the tube on the back of the disc acts as a lever, bending the line in the opposite direction and pulling the front of the bait with it. 

Once the water pressure is released the disc rights itself and begins again. Depending on the speed of the retrieve this process can take place anywhere from 3 times per second on a slow retrieve up to 15 times per second at a trolling speed of 4mph.

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