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"The most advanced popper heads you will ever use"

Arno Laubner's (Scientific Fly) New Gnarly Popper Headz,

(available in white)

Arno spent 5 years on developing these popper heads, the main goal was to get a better hook up ratio with a new design.

The Gnarly Heads are designed to get the best hook up ratio by leaving the gap of the hook exposed and wide as possible.

The action of the Gnarly Heads is also way better them traditional heads, it will "lay" better on the surface because the hook shank (weight) is at the lowest point of the head.

We tested the heads, and what a splash it creates!

For tying futures Arno thouth about some very clever features, indicator's where the hook will enter and leave the head, pre cut eye holes and a indicator were you should tie your materials on the shank of the hook.

Because the back of the popper head has a "tail cavity" all your poppers will have a perfect finnish.

-Size Small contains 8 heads-

-Size Medium contains 6 heads-

-Size Large contains 6 Heads-

-Size Extra Large contains 4 Heads-

Info sizes below:


For Hooks minimum size requirements:

-Size Small - shank 17 mm - gap 12 mm- (2/0)*

-Size Medium - shank 21 mm - gap 13 mm- *

-Size Large - shank 23 mm - gap 16 mm- (4/0)*

-Size Extra Large - shank 29 mm - gap 20 mm- (6/0)*
(* hook sizes variates from brand to brand)

(example: Gamakatsu SL12)

Eye sizes:

-Small 6 mm-

-Medium 6 mm-

-Large 8 mm-

-Extra Large 9 or 10 mm-

more info to come,

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