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  1. Tying Poppers for Pike

    Tying Poppers for Pike

    It's a great  thrill, catching pikes on surface lures and especialy with a flyrod! Spring is coming and that means popper season for pikes!

    We have been selling the handmade and airbrushed poppers for quite some time now, and also the airbrushed popper heads.

    We had many questions how we make these poppers on a shank,  and we hope with this blog you see how we do it :-)

    First thing we have to do, is give the popper some eyes sockets. With this tool (or any other) we cut out the outline for a 12 mm eye, and take it out with a sharp hobby knife. (be careful)

    Next step is to give the pop

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  2. Preparing your Nayat

    Preparing your Nayat

    Nice movie how to treat you Nayat when it gets tangled, get your fibers all in line again in a few minuts.

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  3. Tapered synthetic fly tying fibers.

    Tapered synthetic fly tying fibers.

    Tie flies of all types and sizes from nymphs to Clousers to T-Bones with Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail, a tapered synthetic multi-use fly tying fiber designed to imitate typical premium-length natural bucktail.

    Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail fibers have the same basic diameter, gentle crinkle, and taper as natural bucktail. In appearance, it looks almost identical and has the same distinctive bucktail fly or lure action in the water. However, the fibers are not hollow (which helps your fly sink faster) and will not “flare” in the same way as regular bucktail while tying. This means you will need to tie with slightly different techniques to achieve the same effect.

    Every Faux Bucktail fiber is premium 6” (152 mm) length, giving you more than twice the amount of usable fibers per tail and eliminating the headache of sorting and searching for ideal strands. Simply peel off the full length of your desired amount of fibers, trim to length, and tie them i

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