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  1. Nayat Pike Streamer By Sander Zuidinga

    Nayat Pike Streamer By Sander Zuidinga
    • Ahrex TP610 size 4/0
    • Bigstreamers Nayat colors Chaetreuse, Fire Orange, Young Pike and Dark Olive 
    • Bucktail Chartreuse, Olive and Hot Orange
    • Semperfli Nano Silk 6/0 100D
    • Hareline Ripple Ice Fiber Chartreuse 
    • Raidzap Flex 
    • Future Fly Artificial Jungle Cock 
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  2. Tying Poppers for Pike

    Tying Poppers for Pike

    It's a great  thrill, catching pikes on surface lures and especialy with a flyrod! Spring is coming and that means popper season for pikes!

    We have been selling the handmade and airbrushed poppers for quite some time now, and also the airbrushed popper heads.

    We had many questions how we make these poppers on a shank,  and we hope with this blog you see how we do it :-)

    First thing we have to do, is give the popper some eyes sockets. With this tool (or any other) we cut out the outline for a 12 mm eye, and take it out with a sharp hobby knife. (be careful)

    Next step is to give the popper so

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